New beginnings

52 weeks, 365 days, 8765.81 hours, 525949 minutes, there is so much to do.

Write stories, watch movies(Star Wars and Avengers!), go places, and more. Plus sleep. Lots of sleep.

I am looking forward to many things this year. I am hoping to get my book published soon. I am so excited! I am also looking forward to writing new stories. If you read the Mountain post you already know about the new story I am writing. If you don’t know about the Mountain Post, go look it up. It rocks! I am so excited to get this year into gear, though January isn’t the best month to get it started. It’s always too slow.

I hope that you have a great year filled with adventures and suspense!


The Mountian

This is a new story that I came up with. Please leave comments and feed back. I hope that you like it!

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The wind sang its haunting song of raging shrieks and wails of agony. In the distance, thunderclouds joined in with their loud sonorous bashes. The old bells from the church told the town the hour. Three dongs in the night.  The wind Crescendod to a Fortississimo as it reached the town. The accompanying lightening would play its Marcato then decrescendo to nothing. The staccato rain soon joined the orchestra of nature. They beat down like a mighty snare drum on the little town. The symphony was pleasant to the Beast’s ears. The Beast watched from the safety of his mountain that loomed like a giant next to the little town. The storm was not going to touch his mountain tonight.

A gust of wind rustled his long black hair, sending some of it into his face. The Beast merely brushed it aside with one of its claws. A few drops of straggling rain plopped down at his feet. He could not hunt tonight. The wind was too strong and the rain would blind him. Snarling at the once beautiful storm, the Beast turned and went inside his mountain. Tomorrow, tomorrow he would hunt for sure.

The Room battle

“This,” he said, sweeping his arm through the air, “is what ignorance does.”

He stood tall, a true leader to this people. His face was grim and solemn. His kingdom was in tatters. Everything had been destroyed by the Teether; a terrible monster that destroyed everything in his path.

“We will rebuild,” our leader said. “It will take time, but it won’t be impossible. We will start with the castle.”

One of the soldiers ran up to him.

“Sir!” he exclaimed. “The Teether…he is here!”

The people screamed and ran in chaotic terror.

“Run for it!” One of them screamed.

They ran to and fro in panic. Then, over the horizon, they saw it. A terrible monster, with drool dripping from its ravenous mouth, bounded over to the kingdom. It growled and started to destroy the village.

Then the door opened.

“Uh oh,” The leader said. Standing in the door was his mother.

She looked at the messed up living room in shock. Pillows and blankets, pots and pans, sticks from the backyard. It took her awhile to find her words.

“Jackson Tyler Anderson!” She scolded the leader. “What is all of this?”

“Well,” the timid 12 year old leader said, “we were playing a game and things kind of got out of hand.”

“Don’t get mad at him, mommy,” Little six year old Sarah pleaded.

“We helped him,” little five year old Bryson said.

“And why is Mathew in his dinosaur costume?”

One year old Mathew walked over to mom. She picked him up.

“He’s the Teether,” Sarah said.

“The Teether?”

“He is the monster that plaggees our land,” Bryson said.

“Plagues the land?”

“Our brave leader was going to lead us to victory and free our kingdom from the Teether,” Sarah said.

“And who is your leader?”

“Jackson,” she said.

“So, you’re the brave leader?”

Jackson shrugged.

“Well…prepare yourself leader for the Teether is not alone! I, Momzilla, always help the Teether! And I will help him destroy your kingdom!”

Jackson smiled. “Then consider it war, monster!”

She growled and started to chase after them with Mathew on her hip.

The children screamed with glee and ran from the monsters.

And so, the battle for the Living Room began.

Story excerpt mach 2

“My Lord, I bring grave news.”

“What do you want, Beelzebub?”

“My Lord, that pitiful Demon, Melchom, has…failed you. He has been captured by the Angels.”

“And the girl?”

“He failed to get her, my Lord. I told you he was a waste. I knew he couldn’t do it. I say-gack-“

“Are you saying I made a mistake?”


“I may be in the form of a weak old man, but I still have enough power to kill you without raising a finger.”


“You have been very bold around me lately. Do not let my appearance fool you. Once I have the Anomalous One, I will be restored to my full power. The power that was taken from me. No longer will I be confined to live in this shadow of my former self. I will be young and powerful again. And I suggest you stay on my good side for when it happens.”


“Since you are so confident that you can bring me the Anomalous One, you will be charged with the task of capturing her and bringing her to me. And I suggest you hurry. My patience wans with every passing moment. Oh, and use the Shadows. They need some Angel blood in their systems. Do not fail me. If you do…you will have to run as fast as you can, but it will never be fast enough. Am I clear?”



*Gasp*Cough, cough*

“Do not fail me.”

“Yes…my Lord.”

“All will bow before me! All will fall before me! No one will stand against me for I will rule! The Angels will die and the Humans…what can they do? I will finally take my place as the God of all worlds! AHAHAHAHAHAH!”

Story excerpt

“Shaddows! By decree of my Lord, I command you forth!”

Seconds passes, then the dark started to materialize. It moved like water, morphing into human-like beings. Soon a group of Shaddows stood before me. A girl with purple kin, jet black hair, and black lifeless eyes walked towards me. She was the leader of this group.

‘Why have you summoned us, Beelzebub?’ Her lips never moved but i could still hear her raspy voice.

“My lord commanded me to use you to capture the Anomalous One.”

‘You are bold for summoning us in your master’s name.’

“He is your master as well. You still serve the ruler of Hell. Don’r forget that oath.”

‘We obey him, not you.’

“Then go tell him that yourself.”

The Shaddows stirred.

‘You are a coward for hiding behind your master.’

“Never call me a coward!”

‘We do not want to fight you. Our lord will not be pleased with us. If you speak the truth and our lord needs us, then we will do what you command.’ She stalked closer. ‘Now, tell me about our prey.’

Unicorn vs. Nightmare

I am a dream. I am precious and beautiful. Sometimes I come in your sleep, and sometimes I come during your day. I have been with you ever since you were born. You fuel me with hope. I can be a pirate robot dream or a dream to be an author. I can help you escape reality and go to your fantasy land. I think it’s fun. I love being with you an inspiring you to be all that you can.

I am a nightmare. I am evil and unwanted. I usually come in your sleep and stay in your thoughts all day. I have also been with you since you were born. You fuel me with your fears. I can be a six eyed monster or a house bill. I make you go to  your horror land and endure your worst fears. I think it’s fun.I love being there to terrorize you.

I am a dream, I make the nightmares evil and unwanted.

I am a nightmare, I make the dreams precious and beautiful.


A hard challenge that I had to overcome was Marching Band. It was really hard at first. My body wasn’t ready for the intense workouts or the long hours. It was tough. Day after day I would come home crying with exhaustion. But, after a long time, I noticed that I was getting better. My body was able to go longer distances and for longer periods of time. Now I can march and play a whole nine minute show without stopping. Marching Band is hard but it has made me into a better person.

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